about us

Peninsula Sun Industries is a community supported, locally owned & operated agricultural venture committed to bringing you wheatgrass in its prime.

All components of production are organic.

We do not feel that organic certification is necessary or beneficial. Many of the chemicals allowed in certified organic production are inappropriate for wheatgrass production, and could serve to concentrate dangerous elements in the wheatgrass, negating the health benefits that draw people to use cereal grasses.

Our production elements are strictly limited to: organic composted soil, worm castings, liquid kelp, mycorhizzae, guano, soft rock phosphate, pure water.

Consumers of our cereal grasses are welcome to visit our greenhouse by arrangement, as often as they like.

We are committed to sustainable agricultural practices; we reclaim, reuse, and recycle all generated waste.

If you're juicing our grass, you're juicing the best.